Food Exploration

Food is life! 50 percent of man’s salary goes to food.¬†Among so many things that we do in our life, eating is a common thing among people that has to be done everyday otherwise we become weak and die. Everyday we have to eat food and we find pleasure in it. Although there are so many things that we have to do, we find time in eating because this is something that is not neglected.

Everyday, we explore on foods so that we taste what is delicious and we discard what is not. However, there is a disadvantage of food exploration. There are times when we eat something that is actually not god for the body and this causes us to get sick. However, if we have find out what foods that our body dislikes, we really come to be careful of it. This is why there is food exploration.

There are so many kinds of foods around the world that we have not yet tasted, foods from different origin and culture. Some we dislike and some we like. Nevertheless, we come to be happy when we are exposed to different kinds of foods. If you want to know more about the foods around the world, there are so many stores that sell foods maybe it be imported or exported. Knowing other people’s foods makes us think that we have different tastes. For example, Chinese food taste is totally different from American cuisine. However, Americans treat their food as more delicious than that of Chinese’s and Chinese think the same. This is because we treat our own cuisine as more delicious than others.